Bring Bungee Fitness
to your Community

We offer elite training, equipment and studio licensing.

Training Dates:
July 22-23, Sept 23-24
Oct 21-22, Dec 9-10

See submission form below. 

Two-Day Training

Our two day in-person training is

designed to take someone who knows very little about bungee fitness and prepares them open their own bungee fitness studio. We are NOT a franchise. We teach you the fundamentals of bungee fitness and give you the tools that will help make your independent studio successful. We require half of the training fee ($500) to secure your spot. This fee is non refundable. The second half of the training fee is due 30 days prior to the training date. You will be sent an invoice from Sling Bungee Fitness LLC for payment.


Day 2 of training

On day two of the training, you will participate in a live Level 1 class and a Level 2 Class Breakdown. We will break for lunch then learn additional skillsets, how to structure a class, how to cue and choreograph and end with open discussion. You will need to wear athletic shoes, tights and a semi-fitted top. Loose clothing and shorts are NOT recommended. A confirmation email with exact times and details will be sent once training is booked.

Heart & Hands
Day 1 of training

On day one of the training, we go over, business 101, finding the right space, marketing, bungee equipment and safety, equipment inspections, how to set up bungee stations and safely hook in your clients along with a Level 1 Class breakdown. You will need to wear athletic shoes, tights and a semi-fitted top. Loose clothing and shorts are NOT recommended. A confirmation email with exact times and details will be sent once training is booked.

Annual License


The Sling Bungee License Agreement is designed and provided by SLING BUNGEE FITNESS. This is an annual fee and can be purchased once you have an established address for your studio. Licensees have the right to use the "Sling Bungee Fitness" branded format and have access to Sling Bungee equipment.

Welcome to Oklahoma!

Our training will be held at Launch Bungee Fitness in Moore, Oklahoma. Many of you may be traveling from out of town or out of state. We're just 12 miles south from the Oklahoma City metro with walking sites like Bricktown and Scissortail Park and attractions such as the OKC National Memorial & Museum, OKC Zoo and more. Below are some links you may need to help with your travel arrangements.

Flights and Car Rentals:


Hotels near Launch Bungee Fitness: 

Things to do:

10 things to do in OKC

Training Submission Form

Thank you! You'll recieve a response within 72 business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions for Training
  • Are there restrictions on who can train?

    • Yes. We have health and safety restrictions. You must be 18 years or older to train, NO recent surgeries, must NOT be pregnant and must be within our weight limit of 90-240 lbs.​

  • Can I bring someone with me?

    • Yes. Please note the training fee and submission form is required for anyone who attends the two-day training

  • How fit or "in-shape" do I need to be to train?

    • Be prepared for a challenging workout. Although bungee is low impact, it does exert a lot cardio energy. It is helpful to be currently engaged in a workout regimen. Having said this, we have people in training who have never tried bungee before, love it and become successful.

  • Is the License Required?

    • No but it is highly recommended 

  • Does the license protect me from other bungee studios opening near me?

    • The license only protects you from other "Sling Licensed Bungee​ Studios" opening near you. We cannot control other gyms/studios that incorporate bungee from opening near you.

  • Can I still purchase equipment without a license?

    • Home-kits consist of one bungee unit and are available for purchase without a license. However, multiple units will NOT be sold to an unlicensed individual or studio

  • Do you have online training?

    • At this time, the best way to learn this format is in-person as it requires a lot of hands on elements. If you are not able to attend an in-person training for any reason, please email us so we can work out an alternative solution if possible.​

  • How do I sign up?

    • Please use our Sign-Up information form above. The information you provide will help us determine the availability of the area you intend to open in.