Booking through the MINDBODY APP Instructions:

Click here to download the app, or go to the App Store on your mobile device and search for MINDBODY. The app is free to download. Once you've download it, you will be prompted to create an account or Sign In. Use the account information to sign up as you did to register. Step by step instructions below.
After hitting search, click on this option.
Step 3: There are two buttons at the bottom underneath the location. Clicking on "View Schedule," will bring you to this page.
Step 3 continued: You are able to sort through by days. Select one, and a list of classes with the single Drop-in fees will show up. If you plan on paying for that particular class, then you will pay the flat rate. Hitting book, will prompt you to sign our liability waiver, and then you will proceed to payment. Saving that form of payment will allow you to check out faster for future bookings. 
Step 1: Once you have your account, you will type in "Launch Bungee Fitness."
Step 2: This page will show up. Hit the little heart icon to the right of our name, so that way it stays on your homepage for easy access.
Step 4: Going back to step 3: The other button to click under the location, is "View Pricing," which will bring you to this page. 
Non-Bungee Classes
Step 4 continued: There are two options. Selecting "Non-Bungee Classes" will show you all of our bundles which allows you to purchase multiple passes at a cheaper price per class. Non-Bungee Classes are formats NOT held in the bungees. (Non-Bungee is not available at this time)
Selecting "Bungee Classes" will display ALL bungee passes and bundle options.
NOTE: We now offer a 1 - Month Unlimited Pass, (Infinity Pass) which allows you access to book any class at anytime as spots are available. After placing your selection, you will be prompted to payment. Again, saving your payment method allows you for faster check out the next time.
Step 5: Once you have bought a bundle or if you're on our Membership, go back to the "View Schedule" button and select "book" on the class you are wanting to use a pass on and the image below will show you have a pass available. Select "Book" from there and you're all set!
If you run into any problems, please contact us from the "Contact" tab above on our website. All transactions will be done through the MINDBODY app, and we're here to help you with any questions or issues you may have setting up your account. Although we recommend you use the app, there are instructions to purchase classes without downloading the mobile app on our "Schedule" on this site.