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We provide a variety of bungee classes that range in level, skill, and style. Read the descriptions to figure out which class to take first. Our non-bungee classes are offered on the first Friday of every month for free.



Bungee Foundations

New to bungee? You are in the right place! This 90-minute session is your introduction to bungee fitness. You will spend time getting comfortable in your harness, learning bungee terminology and the fundamental skillsets used in all intermediate bungee classes. This session will not be a full bungee workout. This is a teaching course designed to prepare you for the workout. There is a small learning curve with bungee fitness. This session will set you up for success and teach you how to maximize your bungee workout. The unique way the bungees simultaneously add resistance and absorb impact on the joints, makes this a challenging yet exhilarating, fun workout. You're going to love it! Get ready for Lift off!



Practice what you learned from Foundations in this accelerated version of it! We move from song to song without stopping to breakdown each movement. After the main portion of the class is complete, you will spend the last 15 minutes learning new skills to apply in higher levels. This is a great class to improve footwork, learn new moves, and build endurance!

Bungee Rhythm & Tone (BRT)

In this cardio based toning class, we use light weights and resistant bands combined with repetitive movements to help you tighten and tone muscles all while moving to the beat! We use beginner bungee skills in this music driven choreographed class. Great for people who love music driven exercise and want to tone up!

Afterburn Bungee HIIT

Build strength and endurance in this bungee HIIT class. Using medium to heavy weights, booty bands, body weight, and bursts of cardio, Instructors will guide you through this interval driven format. Don't forget your water and a sweat towel, you're gonna need it!


Advanced Skillsets

This is a 45 min class and is REQUIRED to take a few times or when an instructor greenlights you before moving to our most advanced class, Peak Velocity. You will learn fun new combos and advanced skills. This is not a fast paced class. You will burn calories but the focus is to advance technique and footwork.

Peak Velocity

Ready to show off everything you've learned? By now, you should feel confident in Foundations, Intermediate classes and skills and well versed in the advanced skills and terminology. By no means do we expect you to be a master when entering Advanced, but you should feel conformable in all the classed prior, and know how to modify a skill when called out. This is a nonstop, high energy, high flying, and thrilling, dance based bungee workout. Due to the use of advanced aerial skillsets, instructor approval must be obtained prior to attending this class.


Circl Mobility

Release. Restore. Renew. This class focuses on flexibility, breathwork and mobility exercises to help you move better. Set to a soundtrack of healing tones and sound frequencies to help your mind focus and release stress.

Body Force

All fitness levels welcome. Group fitness certified instructors will guide you through this full body strength training class. We use a combination of free weights, suspension trainers, resistance bands and body weight.

Cardio Dance

Dance like nobody is watching! No dance experience necessary. This cardio exercise is set to music, creating a heart-pumping workout! This class feels more like a party than anything else. *This class is scheduled seasonally or on special occasions only.

Private Parties

Private Bungee Class Groups of 2-10

Private group classes are customized to your preference. Whether you are looking to level up, work on certain skillsets, learn specific choreography or simply wanting a fun new fitness experience with friends, family or co-workers, private group classes are the way to go! Safety restrictions apply. Rescheduling acceptable. NO REFUNDS

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