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The information below lists what to expect with bungee, common practices, and guidelines. If you have a question we didn't answer, please contact us. Download and print our liability waiver ahead of time by clicking the PDF icon if you'd like to bring it with you to your first class

Are there any weight and health restrictions for bungee?

Yes. Restrictions are set in place to ensure the safety and success of the participant. DO NOT participate in bungee classes if:

  • You are not within the weight threshold of 90 to 240 lbs. This weight limit is determined by the building code requirements for our specific location and could be different at other bungee studios

  • You are pregnant or think you might be pregnant

  • You’ve had a recent surgery and haven’t been cleared by your doctor to exercise

  • You have current injuries and haven’t been cleared by your doctor to exercise

  • You have chronic neck or back conditions and haven’t been cleared by your doctor to exercise

  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Ages 13 -14 can participate only with parent/guardian present or participating in a private or regular classes Weight limit still required

  • Ages 10-12 can attend a private class with parent or guardian participating. Weight limit still required

  • No chewing gum or eating while participating in class as it's a choking hazard, but if you have irregular blood sugar, you can unhook and grab a snack.

  • NOTE: Bungee is a great workout for those looking into lower impact exercises but if you are new to exercise, bungee may be too difficult as a first timer.


Is bungee a real workout?

Yes! Bungee is a real and effective cardiovascular and core workout. Bungee may appear easy because of all the smiling faces you see online in our videos, but most of our participants are shocked by how much more difficult bungee is when they try it for the first time. We are running and flying against the resistance that the bungee cords provide, using our abdominal muscles to maintain proper form and posture while performing those exercises. This is a low impact form of fitness, but it is NOT no impact. Bungee fitness, accompanied by a prescribed dietary plan, can be a very effective tool for fat loss if done consistently. Many of our clients have lost anywhere from 15-60 lbs. when done for longer than 3 months attending bungee classes 3 or more times a week. However, we always recommend all of our clients looking to lose weight consult with medical and health professionals that specialize in nutrition, weight loss and obesity for a proper treatment plan as this is not our area of expertise. Working out regularly is beneficial to overall health, and our specialty is being able to teach and lead effective group fitness classes that keep you coming back for more!


Can you gain muscle in bungee classes?

You can! However, bungee fitness is predominantly a form of cardio. Core is the primary muscle we are strengthening in bungee. The secondary muscle group that would strengthen from bungee is lower body. At Launch Bungee Fitness, we provide classes that include free weights and resistance bands accompanied by bungee for a full body workout. If you are currently engaged in a weight lifting program, we'll never tell you to give up your current strength regimen for bungee alone, but it is a great addition to strength training. Remember, the heart is a muscle too! Bungee is going to best replace high impact cardio like running or body weight exercises like plyometrics. Depending on how much muscle you are trying to gain, you may seek a professional trainer and dietician for a customized plan.

When should I arrive to my bungee class?

Bungee stations are tailored to the individual and the set up process takes time. Please arrive 15 minutes early to help ensure class starts on time. DO NOT BE LATE as our doors lock once class has started. We do this so that no one can walk in while class is in session, risking injury to themselves or our class participants. Out of respect to those currently engaged in a class, we will not stop a session to accommodate late-comers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Do I need to sign a waiver for bungee?

Yes. All participants must fill out and sign our health questionnaire and liability waiver before they can take any class. You will acknowledge the waiver and fill out profile information on the app and sign a paper copy in-person.

What do I wear to a bungee class?

We recommend wearing comfortable athletic leggings or bike shorts, a tank top or t-shirt, supportive athletic shoes, and a medium-high impact sports bra (if applicable). Loose clothing and short shorts are not recommended. For men, please wear supportive, fitted clothing. Loose basketball shorts and boxers are NOT recommended.

What are your bungee class hours?

Launch Bungee Fitness does not have set business hours. All participants must book online before attending a class. 

You can find our schedule and book a class through our Launch Bungee Fitness app.

In what order do I take bungee classes?

To avoid frustration or potential injury you should take the classes in this order:  Beginner, Intermediate, and then Advanced. We offer a variety of intermediate classes that you will be taking for several weeks or until you feel comfortable moving to Advanced. You MUST take Skillsets (Intermediate and Advanced) a few times each, or until an instructor greenlights you before moving to Peak Velocity (Advanced)

What should I expect from my first bungee class?

For your first class, you will learn how to trust the bungee and how to be comfortable in your harness. Expect to have fun doing traditional exercises in a non-traditional way.

What should I bring to a bungee class?

Bring your own water and any padding you may need. We recommend Sweet Sweat wraps and a pair of thick seat belt covers for the legs. Discomfort is common and can be mitigated with extra padding. You can also cut up a thick Yoga/workout mat from Target or Amazon. We do provide some padding but bringing your own is better. You're gonna need it! 

Do you provide childcare?

Unfortunately, No. We are not equipped for child care. Neither children nor pets are allowed in the studio for safety reasons.

Are there other bungee locations?

We are the only Launch Bungee Fitness! However, the world is booming with bungee! You can search "bungee fitness near me," and see if there is a studio near you.

Should I eat before a bungee class?

Don't launch your lunch! If you choose to eat prior to class, please allow enough time for digestion. Eating a large meal immediately before class is NOT recommended.

What happens if I need to cancel a bungee class?

If you need to cancel, you will do so through our Launch Bungee Fitness app. For those using single passes, or bundles, you must cancel 6 hours in advance to get your pass back. Your pass will be used if you do NOT show up to class and fail to cancel within the allotted time. Those who have an Unlimited Infinity Pass must cancel 6 hours in advance or a $10 late cancel fee will be charged.

What is the protocol for the business cancelling a bungee class?

If a class is cancelled it will be due to: minimum class size not reached, inclement weather, emergency maintenance or personal emergency. Clients will receive notifications via email or text and will get their pass back.

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