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Launch into Fit

Bungee Fitness Studio

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Launch your fitness to new heights with this fun, innovative approach to group exercise. Bungee fitness combines a cardiovascular workout with resistance training. Participants are fitted with a harness and

attached to a bungee support system customized to their height and weight. The use of bungees adds resistance, increasing cardio intensity while lowering impact on the joints.



We combine elements of dance with traditional exercise, and introduce creative movements that can only

be executed while attached to bungees. This exhilarating workout will have you soaring to new heights. Please see our FAQ for health and weight restrictions.

Fitness Reimagined

Our mission is to inspire individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle through creative movement.

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Top Notch Experience

Meet the Owners


The Launch owners, Hannah Jamil, Stephanie Espolt, and Hayley Jamil, have been trained and certified in Sling Bungee Fitness since 2019. After taking their first Sling class in February 2019, they fell in love with the format and knew they wanted to bring this to the Norman/Moore area. Being able to bring a fun new way of working out, while building a community is the best part of this journey. If you are interested in opening your own bungee studio and need a training, please click below. 

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