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We provide a variety of bungee classes that range in level, skill, and style. Read the descriptions to figure out which class to take first. Our non-bungee classes are offered on the first Friday of every month for free.

Classes that take your heart rate to the moon

To avoid frustration or potential injury, you should take the classes in this order: Level 1, Accelerate, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4.  Bungee Rhythm and Tone and Afterburn can be attended once you've taken Level 1 classes. Weight Limit for bungee classes: 90-240 lbs


Purple Sky

Level 1
Lift Off

This is your first class! You will be learning the bungee basics and applying them to 5-6 choreographed routines. The structure of this class is 60% learning, 40% doing. You should take Level 1 until you feel comfortable with the harness, movements and terminology. We recommend you take this class 1-3 times or until you feel comfortable with all of the following skillsets:​

  • Squats

  • Knee Fly

  • Jumping Jacks/Jog

  • Step Tap/Jog 360

  • Cross Over

  • Burpee

  • Seven Fly*

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